Yoga-climbing-meditation retreat

du 5 au 7 Mars 2021

“To live spiritually is to live in the present. Yoga brings you into the present moment by being more aware of your body alignment, movement and breathing”

BKS Iyengar
  • A retreat for a physical, spiritual experience close to nature.
  • 3 days in with beds, breakfast, diners and guidances.
  • Hosts are passionate about their discipline and Fontainebleau forest

The retreat

A “retreat” is a time when you temporarily withdraw from your daily life to take a step back, get lost and find yourself. The important thing is to be in an inspiring and inspired place, surrounded by caring guides. What could be better than a cottage built for this purpose on the edge of Fontainebleau forest.

This 6 days retreat will take place in The big Island gite, half board , 10 minutes walk from Coquibus, part of Fontainebleau forest, in Milly-la-forêt.

It is above all a moment of calm, rest and discovery. This retreat will allow you to deepen the practice of your discipline, to discover new ones (Climbing, Yoga, Meditation) and to see for yourself how these practice can nourish each other. This retreat will also be a moment to discover, alone or with the other participants, the inspiring and beneficial force of nature in the forest of Fontainebleau.


For interested climbers, it is about allowing you to find yourself, catch or take your breath, thanks to the practice of meditation and the body anchoring by Yoga and the adaptation of these disciplines to your daily and your sport.

For interested yogis, it is about discovering a sport in the great outdoors, rock climbing, practicing your asanas in direct contact with the rock and experiencing gravity, balance in another dimension.

In yoga, meditation, climbing, tell us your level when registering.


The morning will begin with hot tea, coffee, followed by a meditation or yoga session. You can then have a real breakfast. The two half-days will include either “indoor” teaching on yoga, climbing or meditation and another half-day will be devoted to practice in the forest. In the event of bad weather, the climbing structures within the gite will allow for additional work. Each day will include a time of “tranquility” that you can devote to silence / rest or to discovering the environment. The collective dinner will be followed by a presentation or a session of meditation and gentle yoga.

Where, when, how, how much?

Dates: Friday 5th of March 16h00 to Sundy 7th of March 16h00

The gite, The big island-bleau basecamp, is located in Milly-la-forêt and we can come and pick you up in Fontainebleau or Maisse.

It costs 250€ for the March week-end.

Limited spots: 12

Registration via email or phone through the CONTACT section

Who are your hosts ?

Gaétane Hay

Gaétane is a certified Vinyasa teacher, trained in Chamonix with Mariza Yoga who focuses on an open minded, progressive approach, adapting to everyone’s anatonomy.

She did a lot of dance as a child, then more recently she practiced trapeze for 6 years and climbing and yoga since back in Fontainebleau (from Australia), 6 years ago.

She climbs “6” (font) grades on good days and mostly like practicing circuits with lots of boulders and long time in

Yoga is now full part of her life as a business owner and mum.

Blanca Martin Calero

Blanca is professional mindfulness meditation teacher and a climber.

After more than 20 years as a professional handball player in the spanish national team, and after too mnay years working for a big corporate, Blanca is now a full time meditation teacher who chose to live here in this magical forest.

Blanca is also passionnante about “forest school” and climb, walk, breathe in the area.

Andrew Hay

Andrew will be our chef during the pole retreat. He’ll prépare a nice breakfast/brunch while we médiate or yoga, and a good “plat du jour” for our diners.

I’m sure you can arrange with him to adapt his menu to your diet. He expresses himself through cooking, and love variety, taste and good ingredients.

He tries to source local and organic products. Now that he left Australia and its cricket, he loves climbing.

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